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Let’s Get Trendy: The Hottest Print-On-Demand T-shirt Designs for 2022

T-shirts are for now and forever! It is one wardrobe essential that won’t go out of fashion. And this booming interest in T-shirts has led to print-on-demand or custom T-shirts, that you can update according to the trends. Here in this blog, we have stated some of the hottest print-on-demand t-shirt trends that you should update in 2022.

Ahh, trends! Trends are everywhere, although they change so often that it becomes hard to keep up with them. But, trends are everywhere.

Following trends through reports can be an annoying task, but it’s totally worth it to be able to give you a complete rundown on T-shirt trends for 2022.

And since we are in the custom t-shirt business, it’s kind of our job to know about the current trends. 

So here are this year’s print-on-demand t-shirt trends that you should know about before you design your customized t-shirts.

Trendy Print-On-Demand T-shirt Trends You Should Have in 2022


#1 Lettering T-shirts

Are you the one who loves expressing thoughts in words? How about combining this with fashion? If you find this amusing, then you can see many lettering t-shirts flying around. Designers have been beholding this trend for a long time. You can get these customized t-shirt designs for all kinds of occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, and many more.

#2 Anime T-shirts

There is always a craze for anime t-shirts and the demand for anime t-shirts is very high, whether it’s for kids or adults. Anime t-shirts are a go-to style for all t-shirt lovers who don’t bother following trend cycles. This is mainly because the standard Japanese anime characters have a strong impact on people. And it brings forth a classical Japanese aesthetic.

Who is your favorite anime character? Tell us and we will design a customized t-shirt for you.

#3 Plain Text T-shirts

The level of elegance that a plain, simple text exhibits are unmatched. So, in 2022, t-shirt design trends must have a design with plain text. The plain text can be a funny line, a simple sweet text, a sarcastic punchline, or a single word. It’s totally up to you.

#4 Nature Inspired T-shirts

Nature cannot be separated from us. And fashion is all about showing expression. With the print-on-demand t-shirts, one can foreground the natural elements too. You must have seen plants, mountains, and nature.  If you are a nature lover then it’s your chance to showcase your love with customized t-shirts.

#5 Marvel T-shirts

Marvel fans, Assemble! The Marvel t-shirts cannot go out of trend, mainly because of the huge fan following. That is why there is always a huge demand for Marvel avengers t-shirts be it Iron man, Hulk, Captain America, or Thanos.

And with print-on-demand t-shirts, you can customize your t-shirts with your favorite marvel or with their famous dialogues.

#6 Optical Illusion T-shirts

If you see any unusual image, you will spend time looking at it and maybe remember it for a long time.

Am I right?

Therefore, an optical illusion design on your t-shirts will hold your attention or anyone’s attention who will look at it. This is the beauty of optical illusion t-shirts.

Let’s Get Trendy!


We have mentioned enough design inspiration for you that will last for the whole year. Now, it’s your turn to start working on your next t-shirt. 

As you know, trends are everywhere, and at Hestia kreations, we follow one trend seriously, that is, t-shirt trends.

And for this reason, we have made it easy to design and customize t-shirts online. So, reach out to the designing experts of the Hestia kreations

We will be your trend- get your designs today!

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